A Perfect Day by the Beach

On the 23rd February 2013 I smiled as rays of sunlight streamed through the blinds, Melbourne was turning on a magnificent day for Les & Nay’s nuptials!

When I first met Nay & Les at their home to chat about their wedding plans, I was lucky enough to also meet their gorgeous dogs Roy & Mac and catch a glimpse of the lovely home they have renovated together.  From our first meeting I knew Nay & Les were a relaxed couple who were very much in love and I was excited to be involved in the big party they were planning to celebrate their wedding day.

Nay & Les had chosen the fabulous Sandbar Beach Café in Middle Park for their big day.  The ceremony was going to be on the Sandbar deck, which is situated right on the sand at Middle Park beach.  Following a very windy rehearsal at the Sandbar I had my fingers crossed the weather was going to be perfect for Les & Nay’s wedding day, and thankfully it was!

Les & Nay’s wedding date was significant; it was the 10th anniversary of their relationship.  What better way to formally honour the first commitment they made to each other ten years earlier than by getting married and celebrating with all their family & friends.


Nay was glowing as she entered the Sandbar accompanied by both her parents and the smile on Les’ face when he saw her was priceless, I love the moment when the bride & groom first see each other, it gives me goose bumps every time.  Nay’s sisters, Natt & Ailyn and Les’ sister Jenni were gorgeous bridesmaids and Les’ great mates Sean, Adrian & Denny looked very sharp too!

Les & Nay’s ceremony was relaxed but very heartfelt and the most unique part was a Thai Buddhist Blessing called Mõngkon that involved all of their parents.  The Blessing involved their father’s bringing forward and placing loops of twine that were joined on their heads.  The loops symbolised the ever-lasting commitment they were making to each other on this special day.  Nay’s mother then came forward and gave an emotional blessing spoken in Thai, followed by Les’ mother who came forward and gave a translated version of the blessing in English.

It really was a beautiful moment in the ceremony.

Nay & Les are a great couple that have created a wonderful life together, it was a privilege to be a part of their marriage celebrations and I wish them a lifetime of much love and happiness.
Congratulations! xx