Questionnaire for Creating Your Unique Wedding Ceremony

The information you provide will assist me to draft your unique ceremony.
Feel free to leave questions you do not feel comfortable answering, and/or things that you do not want mentioned in your ceremony. Any questions, please let me know!

Party 1 Name *
Party 1 Name
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Party 2 Name
CEREMONY LOGISTICS AND WORDING CHOICES. This first set of questions will help me with the format of your ceremony
Are you having an Unplugged Ceremony?
Do you require a signing table ?
Do you require the use of my PA system or does your venue provide one?
Acknowledgement of land/country etc
Will one of you be accompanied down the aisle by someone?
Would you like to include a Giving Away question
These are different to vows. These types of questions are commonly known as “The Asking” and can be more casual and informal then vows.
You can either write your own vows or choose from the inspiration eBook
If your vows are secret please email them seperately to
How would you like to deliver your vows?
Do you have a special pen you would like to use for signing?
Please note, the ink needs to be black
How would you like to be formally introduced at the end of the ceremony?
After formally introducing you will you
Would you like to provide your guests with information about what happens after the ceremony?
Do you want to play your ceremony music through my PA system?
PERSONAL STORY QUESTIONS. The next set of questions will help me write the 'Your Story' section of the ceremony.
Have you completed all relevant questions and are you ready to submit your ceremony feedback? *