Loved up in Lovedale

The 6th October 2012 was a very special day for a variety of reasons, the main one being it was Amy & Chris’s wedding day.  Being a sister of the bride I also had a very important role, I was going to be their marriage celebrant! 

Following a very spectacular marriage proposal involving a helicopter and a message written on a beach Amy & Chris phoned me with the wonderful news they were engaged, not only was this super exciting, they also made me cry when they asked me to be their celebrant.  I was honoured and so pleased they wanted me to play such a big role in their special day.

Now, Amy & Chris are two of my most favourite people so they won’t mind me saying they are a practical, organised and creative couple.  As it turned out they needed to be, their wedding day vision started taking shape once they decided on the venue.  Chris’ Aunty & Uncle very generously offered their property in the NSW Hunter Valley in a place very aptly named, Lovedale.  The property sits on top of a lovely hill completely surrounded by views of the Hunter Valley.  

So the venue was decided, the celebrant booked in and the date confirmed, all they needed now was great weather, as the ceremony & reception were taking place outside!  The thing I love most about a family wedding is that everyone is willing to pitch in and with Amy & Chris leading the way everyone had a part to play.

Working with Amy & Chris on their wedding ceremony was such a pleasure, special thanks goes to Chris for filling me in on what he loves most about Amy, which may have been a little awkward to do with your sister-in-law to be!  I was especially pleased they let me have a little creative freedom and include the story of how they met, I have since heard that it may have been censored slightly to account for all their wedding guests, I promise the version I know is very sweet!

On the day of the wedding I was excited, I couldn’t wait to see the beautiful bride walk down accompanied by her parents (my parents too!), to meet her handsome looking groom who I must say was pretty cool, calm & collected

The ceremony took place on the property down by the dam, there was special moment when the bride arrived and all the cows in the neighbouring paddock rushed to see what all the fuss was about and ‘mooed’ in appreciation when the bride exited the car – it was priceless!

The bride and groom were just gorgeous when they said their vows; a few tears from Amy really showed just how special that moment is when you make those promises to each other in front of all your family and friends.  Just quietly, I was on the verge of a few tears myself but luckily I was able to keep it together!

As a celebrant you generally don’t get celebrate the rest of the night with the happy couple, this time I did and let me tell you there were quite a few celebratory glasses of bubbles consumed.  Here a few more snaps of the amazing reception set up, the bar which was constructed by Chris and the very loved up couple having their first dance as Mr & Mrs Webster.

Photos: Indigo + Ivory